Ahmer Ashraf
Ahmer Ashraf Co Founder and CEO
Ahmer Ashraf has worked in the corporate sector for more than ten years now handling communication, policy, public affairs, business development and strategy. Prior to this, Ahmer worked as a journalist and an independent press and communications advisor to a senior government official. In his corporate experience, he has worked on projects with various large international organizations, INGOs, Philanthropy advisers including Pfizer, the Pfizer Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers, USAID, JHPIEGO (a Johns Hopkins affiliate), GAVI, and many others mostly with Pfizer. In 2010, he led a team that won a global grant by the Pfizer Foundation under Global Health Partnerships programme for Smoking and Cancer Control. In the same year, he was selected to showcase the project from amongst 400 entries in New York. In 2009, Ahmer was awarded with the Public Affairs Leadership award for work in the area of local merger with Wyeth.
He has worked with a number of corporate responsibility organizations, not-for-profit organizations in Pakistan as well as advising the Emerging Markets, Asia president for the Pfizer business on public affairs and CSR strategies.
Sarah Ashraf
Sarah Ashraf Co Founder and COO
Sarah has worked in corporate sector for 10 years in communication, marketing and operations. In 2015, she joined a healthcare start up as an operational lead. She developed various partnerships with healthcare providers and pharmacy chains all over Pakistan. She has been part of various national and international incubators and accelerators including NEST I/O, Telenor Velocity and Start Up Chile. She was the first woman co founder to represent Pakistan in Start up Chile in LATAM region. She was also runner up of MIT enterprise forum Pakistan in women led start up category. Her expertise includes operations and program management.
She has done her O & A level’s in business and is an Arts graduate from Karachi University. She has also attended various start up training programs both locally and internationally.


Dr. Hilde Wijngaard
Dr. Hilde WijngaardAdvisory Board Member, PhD, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Hilde has joined SavFood Advisory Board as the Technical Advisor. She is a Masters in Food Process Engineering from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a PhD. in Food Technology from University College Cork in Ireland. She is currently a lecturer in Processing and Food Technology at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She has extensive experience in food engineering and technology in institutes and companies most notably Unilever where she was a Research Manager in Food Processing Technology.
Harry J. Shea
Harry J. Shea Chair Advisory Board, Florida, USA
Harry J. Shea is a business coach and a marketing and sales specialist with extensive experience in the food sector. He owns the HS Trading Co., LTD which coaches and consults with both U.S. and European SME’s interested in improving their results in North America. The company’s business expertise of more than 26 years provides the comprehensive sales and marketing solutions required for success. The approach is practical and pragmatic as we recognize that understanding the American business culture is the important criteria for success in the U.S.
The company is a part of the WILLIS SHEA GROUP, a highly focused boutique consulting company centered on food with the area of expertise in the highest quality and most unique food product offerings. The group’s current clients include JETRO and Japanese food companies interested in launching their products in North America. An all-organic heirloom vegetable Culinary Wellness Garden™ which includes a hydroponic greenhouse and a sensory ornamental garden for a long-term care facility in Connecticut, USA.


Dr. Hens Hijnen
Dr. Hens HijnenAdvisory Board Member, PhD, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Hens is a physical chemist specialized in electrical transport through charged membranes. During his 37 year experience as a chemistry teacher at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, he also learned a lot about analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, colloid chemistry, and chemometrics. Together with students, he likes to do practical research on the development of analytical methods, biobased chemistry, sensor applications, and the recycling of plastics. In this respect, he was also involved in multidisciplinary research with teachers and students of other study programs like industrial product design, chemical engineering, and water management.

Currently, he is working as a chemical advisor and mentor of applied chemical research for Blue City and Rotterdam Mainport Institute. In this capacity, he supports start-ups and chemistry students during their internships.
Besides his scientific interests, he is also very fond of music. literature, films, and theater. With friends, he regularly goes to concerts and films. He also loves to take long bike rides in beautiful nature in the area of his home town Leiden.